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We provide 24/7 customer care services online. Our team is available to promptly and efficiently answer your questions and inquiries. You can rely on us for quick and reliable service. More than 12 years of experience in wildlife safaris, mount Kilimanjaro trekking, Mount Meru expeditions, cultural tourism,volunteer tourism, international school abroad program and Zanzibar beach holidays. We have proven to be one of the best providers of tourism, holiday, and vacation experiences on the ground, primarily in Tanzania and Kenya.

Great achievement.

We have a high success rate in summiting Mount Kilimanjaro due to our experience and professional guides.

We have been able to provide the best authentic safaris to our many satisfied customers.

Five-star review on many online platforms and social networks.

Our Safari vehicles

During the safari our client’s safety is priority number one and this start with safari vehicle.

The best and comfortable  safari vehicles well-maintained and equipped with a fridge, radio, call communication, charging system, and a pop-up roof that allows you to stand up while viewing or sighting animals, will add value and increasing your confidence of enjoying your trip to the fullest

Our Safari driver’s Guides.

Experienced and professional driver guides fluent in the language of your choice who have extensive knowledge of African wildlife and nature. You will never get lost or bored during the game drive as we are skilled at tracking animals and familiar with our trails and roads.

Affordable prices for everyone

“ Client willing to pay concept” Our price is not very cheap, but it is also not very  expensive at all. It is worth your service quality.”we are not that cheap but we are the best in the quality of the service with the right costing” As per our Slogan  our price is affordable for every one to share the beauty of Africa tot he rest of the wotld- sharing prices”

Some people may undercharge you in order to win the business competition, but in the end, you will receive poor services that are not worth your money. We let  you choose the itinerary that you will afford to pay. We are happy to  customize your safari itinerary to fit your budget while enjoying the same quality of the service as a five star client. We have a variety  of itineraries and many options for everyone to be able to go on safari with any budget.


Afrishare is recognized as an officially registered and licensed taxpayer for all government levies. It is also registered for VRN (VAT). We are a reputable company on the ground with a positive record of serving the tourism industry. Unlike some unregistered companies, we prioritize your safety and satisfaction. Don’t fall into the trap of those unreliable tour companies that may jeopardize your booking and leave you regretting your decision.

We are part of major trusted tourism associations such as TATO (Tanzania Tour Operators Association), Kilimanjaro Tour Operator Association, Tanzania Tourism Board, Tanzania Ministry of Natural Resources and Tourism, United States Tour Operators Association, and African Tourism Association.

We have received five-star reviews on major online platforms such as TourRadar, SafariBooking, TripAdvisor, Facebook, Instagram, Your African Safari, and many more.

Community Engagement Support Programs

Through tourism, we aim to integrate our clients with the local community in order to immerse them in our culture and provide them with a deep understanding of the Tanzanian people. Our culture tourism program allows visitors to learn about the economic activities, social life, and arts of the people in various areas.

Volunteer tourism and internships, unlike many others, provide our tourists with the opportunity to participate in various volunteer placements. By providing hands-on support, knowledge, and expertise, they aim to make the world a better place for everyone, while also benefiting from the local community’s knowledge and environment.

We also support ongoing community projects by sharing a portion of our profits as a way to give back to the community. Additionally, we offer opportunities for volunteer tourists who may choose to visit our tourist attractions and participate in volunteering or internship programs. This allows them to create lasting memories while also supporting the needs of the community and benefiting from the experience.

“Afrishare” refers to the act of sharing from the African perspective or sharing the beauty of Africa with the global community. Therefore, we thank you for coming to Africa and sharing your knowledge and expertise with us, and vice versa.

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