Ibrahim Mkwizu, Founder and Executive Director

Mr. Mkwizu, graduated from the Open University of Tanzania where he received undergraduate degree in BA, Ed (Bachelor of Arts with Education) Since then, he has been working with different groups from the USA, Canada, UK, Australia, Scandinavia, Africa and other European countries who have visited Tanzania for purposes such as research, volunteering, and tourism.

Ibrahim has also worked with the international 4H Organization, scholars from Columbia and Brown University, and other individuals. He has worked as a Youth Organizational leader in the Kilimanjaro Region, a community educator/facilitator for HIV/AIDS International project, a volunteer for UNICEF, a social reseacher and educational advisor, along with other poverty reduction and democracy building organizations in Tanzania and East Africa. Recently he has worked with an international Organization for volunteers in Tanzania called Cross Cultural Solutions where he served for four years as Program Officer.

His attention to detail and his uncompromising dedication to the well-being and enjoyment of his guests are the reason so many travellers from across the globe have joined Afrishare for their African adventure.

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